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Baylor Online MBA Testimonials

No one can speak to the richness and value of a Baylor University education like our alumni.

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From Air Force Academy to Baylor Online MBA

"The MBA [has] given me a lot of confidence and a more solid business foundation..."

–William Devoney, Online MBA graduate


Baylor Network Success Story

"We made a position for Kari because we knew her skill sets [are] what we needed."

–Kari Hartmann & Kimberly McKay


Three Questions

"They promised that it was just like going through their MBA program at school. I would even say it was better."

–Kari Hartmann

Nick Johnson
"I wanted something that was in Texas, and I wanted something that was fully accredited with all of the alphabet letters and acronyms to say, 'We are a good school.' Baylor kept coming up."

Matthew Skinner
"I'm still keeping my day job, but the MBA has given me the confidence to pursue some business ideas I have been sitting on for years."

Jenna Jackson
"I wanted something that was going to be the best education for me, the best MBA that I could get, especially for an online program. I didn’t want to skimp out on my education. I wanted a really good school, and I knew Baylor was a great school."

Quincy Jenkins
"The professors, whether it was negotiating salary for job opportunities or just general work advice, they've all been open throughout the program and since the program."

Rusty Sloane
"I realized that no matter how much leadership experience—or really just experience—that you bring to the table, there are certain doors that are going to remain closed unless you have an MBA."

Zedrick Applin
"The MBA is a good value and has opened a lot of doors. People say, 'Oh, you got a master's from Baylor.' They know Baylor and that it is a good institution. It definitely rings in their ear."

Ashley Chen
"My company clearly saw the value in my pursuit of a Baylor MBA."

Elmo Lopez, Jr.
"Baylor was one of the first universities that offered an online master's degree in business, which helped me. Living and working in Laredo with a full-time job, online was the only way I could have done it."

Charles Cecil
"I have appreciated the MBA program as I have experienced the classes aligning with our current business challenges. From negotiating the acquisition of a new business to dealing with employee issues, I have found the information relevant and applicable."

Alex Schotanus
"I wanted to get my degree from a place that people would recognize has a solid MBA. I started looking around, and Baylor came to the forefront."

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