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Why the GMAT?

The GMAT is the accepted admissions exam for almost all on-campus and online MBA programs, making adequate GMAT preparation essential for prospective business students. Why do MBA programs place such a high value on the GMAT in the admissions process? Below are a few of the most common reasons.

First, the test serves as an objective way of comparing applicants. Most business school applicants come from different undergraduate schools (some of them international) and have vastly different levels of work experience. The GMAT is a way to assess their skills regardless of those different variables, thereby leveling the playing field.

Furthermore, many schools have stated that success on the GMAT is a very strong predictor of success in business school and in the business world after graduation. Throughout their years of accepting the GMAT, many schools have seen a strong correlation between doing well on the GMAT and doing well in the MBA program. For one thing, the core skills tested in the GMAT (both quantitative and analytical) are among the same skills that students need to succeed in business school.

Another important reason that schools value the GMAT is that studying for the GMAT is excellent preparation for MBA programs. Creating and implementing a good plan for GMAT preparation is a good indicator of students' abilities to thrive in the academic environment. Thus, it is essential to prepare well for the GMAT. Students who work to achieve their highest possible score put their best foot forward in the admissions process.

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