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What Does Studying for the GMAT Teach Us?

You’ve probably heard of the GMAT if you’re considering an MBA program. It’s the test that is required for entry into most MBA programs, including many online programs. Some students find it tedious and frustrating to have to study for a standardized test just to study more in school; however, GMAT preparation teaches valuable skills with real-world applications that reach far beyond the test itself.

Creative Problem Solving

Preparing for the GMAT helps you sharpen your creative problem solving skills, which in turn can help your team and company innovate. The quantitative section of the GMAT requires you to solve complicated problems in less than two minutes. That’s not much time. This makes you think creatively and solve problems in new ways; skills that are crucial to success in an ever-changing world. Examples of these methods include:

  • Back-solving.
  • Testing numbers.
  • Inputting values.

Critical Reasoning and Analytical Thinking

Studying for the GMAT also teaches important critical reasoning and argument skills. Students are required to analyze arguments and how effective those arguments are. This skill will help you critically reason through real-world arguments and better analyze presentations made in business school.

Strong Grammar

Good grammar is an essential tool for effective writing and communication in any circumstance. While studying for the GMAT, you will review and learn grammar rules that will help you write effectively and persuasively. Part of the GMAT also requires students to write a cohesive essay analyzing an argument. This will also help you write persuasively, a skill that can serve you well throughout your career.

Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is another important skill for grad students and business people. It is important to understand an author’s meaning and intentions in any given text. Studying for the GMAT reading comprehension section helps students successfully do this.

Why the GMAT?

Admissions committees use the GMAT because they feel it is a strong predictor of success in both business school and the business world. And certainly if prepping for the GMAT can help build your creative problem solving, critical thinking, grammar, and reading comprehension skills — all of which are critical in the business world — then you will find more success throughout your career.

Not all online MBA programs require the GMAT. Some accept the GRE or give GMAT waivers to certain students. However, studying for the GMAT can still benefit students entering into an MBA program because it gives a solid foundation of what to expect in the program.

Baylor University’s online MBA program requires the GMAT or a GRE score unless you have a minimum of four years of post-graduate, leadership, or project management experience. Learn more about the admissions requirements for the online program.

Learn more about the Baylor University online MBA program.


YouTube: Graduate Management Admission Council: Different Admissions Professionals Explain the Value of the GMAT Exam

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