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What Does It Mean to Be a Leader in Business?

Business leaders work at all levels to redirect a company’s short-term goals to secure long-term success. A leader knows how to find the best talent, delegate responsibilities and encourage their teams to do their best work. A leader has a vision and articulates it well so everyone knows their purpose within the organization.

There are many traits associated with business leadership. Below are just a few:

1. Leaders Choose Their Own Path

Though leadership teams are accountable to the company’s employees, shareholders and customers, the best leaders are those who follow what they believe is the best path forward. This means that business leadership is about being bold and self-assured—key traits of leaders who have carved their own paths rather than followed the crowd.

Warren Buffett is an example of a bold leader. Buffett has followed an investment strategy of calm, cool and collected purchases and has ignored the idea of overnight successes. His performance in the investing world has been so legendary that he is often referred to as the Oracle of Omaha.

2. Leaders Share Their Vision

In the business world, having vision means being able to imagine a future and make it a reality. Those who possess good leadership skills are able to share their vision with their employees to motivate everyone to work toward a common goal.

As an example, many people doubted Tim Cook’s ability to lead Apple after Steve Jobs died. Yet, in the time that he has been at the helm, Cook has shared his vision and slowly transformed the company into a more socially aware organization that leverages its technology and hardware to make a positive impact in education, arts, science and the environment. Cook also did away with Apple’s previous policy of avoiding charitable donations.

3. Leaders Learn

Whether you are interested in becoming an executive or working as a middle manager, strong leadership is important at every level of an organization. Earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is a great way to learn about the history of leadership, what it takes to become an effective business leader, and those who have succeeded in leading their companies.

Baylor University offers an MBA program with coursework that is taught in an online format that is flexible, allowing full-time professionals to progress in their careers by earning an advanced degree on their schedule.

Business leadership has become an important topic in traditional and online MBA programs due to today’s rapidly changing business environment. The continued growth of technology and connectivity has created new opportunities that can be transformed into successful businesses by competent leaders. A good way to learn what it takes to become an effective leader in business is by earning an MBA.

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