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Top Notch Professors in Baylor Online MBA Program

When pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree, it is important to study under faculty with teaching, research and business experience, as well as the recognition that comes with publications and other honors. The Baylor Online MBA program features a mix of faculty that offer students the insight and expertise they need to succeed.

Here are just a few of the MBA online program’s many noted faculty members:

Gary Carini, Ph.D., is the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies. He teaches courses on Strategic Management and Business Policy. His degrees are in Global Strategic Management and Finance. He has received the Outstanding Teaching Professor and the Outstanding MBA Faculty Awards multiple times as a professor and as a member of the Baylor Online MBA program. Several of his articles have appeared in the Harvard Business Review.

Mitchell Neubert, Ph.D., teaches courses on Ethical Leadership. He is the Chavanne Chair of Christian Ethics in Business at Baylor University. He has been widely published on ethics and spiritual scholarship, and he received the Teaching Excellence Award from the Hankamer School of Business in 2013.

Emily Hunter, Ph.D., is an associate professor who teaches courses on Managing for Higher Performance. Her degrees and background are in psychology. She was appointed a Baylor Fellow in 2016. She received the Robert & Robin Nitsche Outstanding Research Award from the Hankamer School of Business. A member of the Academy of Management and the American Psychological Association, her work on discovery scholarship has appeared many times in a variety of publications.

Brad Beauvais, Ph.D., is an associate professor. He teaches courses on the Fundamentals of Applied Finance and has published articles in a number of journals. In addition to his position with the Baylor MBA Online program, he has worked as a chief financial officer (CFO) at the United States Military Academy at West Point. He has also received the Joseph M. Juran Fellowship in Quality Leadership from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.

Timothy Kayworth, Ph.D., is the Department Chair of Information Systems. He is also a Professor of Information Systems. His degrees are in Computer Information Systems and Economics. He has experience as Operations Manager at The Alpeco Group and MIS Director and Systems Analyst/Manager at The Mariner Group. He is certified in SAP Fundamentals and has received numerous awards and honors. His work has appeared in the MIS Quarterly Executive and the Journal of Information Systems Education.

Christopher Meyer, Ph.D., is an associate professor of Management in the Baylor MBA Online program. His degrees are in Business Administration, Management, Marketing and Business Basics. He was named a Senior Fellow — Academy of Teaching and Learning by Baylor University in 2015. He has also received Outstanding Professor Awards and A Teaching Excellence Award.

Van Gray, Ph.D., is the Associate Director of the Center for Non-Profit Studies and the Director of Strategic Planning and Accreditation. He teaches courses in Management. He is an active consultant in the field of manufacturing planning and control with publications on performance measurement and marketing audits in several journals.

As a student in the Baylor Online MBA program you can expect to study under these and other equally qualified, professionals.

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