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Is Networking Still Important for Mid-Career Professionals?

Whether you have yet to enter the job market, you are a seasoned veteran, or you are a mid-career professional, upper management, networking is vital to your continued success. The entire business world relies on relationships between people, from co-workers to clients to vendors and beyond.

Building trusted relationships expands your network, giving it further reach and the potential to offer you newer and greater possibilities.

Who knows you?

The popular saying is, "It isn't what you know; it's who you know." However, when it comes to filling positions in top jobs, a critical question may be, "Who knows you?" After all, when managers and in-house recruiters are looking to hire, they will often ask co-workers if they know anyone before they put the word out publicly. Meeting a potential hire through a trusted employee not only removes a layer of searching, but it leads to a credible candidate.

In fact, many companies offer referral incentives to current employees. If they recommend someone for a particular position and that person is offered and accepts the job, the employee receives a bonus.

Be a non-stop networker

Even if you like your current job, it is beneficial for many reasons to build a trusted network. You may be asked if you know of anyone to fill a position, a great opportunity may come your way without even looking, or you can discreetly seek a new opportunity without launching an active job search.

Career networking does not have to be difficult, either; it can happen anytime, anywhere. Your network includes former co-workers, former classmates from your undergrad or online MBA program, and more. Schools like Baylor University are renowned for their networks. The most important thing to remember is that once you make a valuable connection, it's wise to keep that person's contact information for the future.

Networking works both ways

In addition to building your network to further your own career, it is also important to keep people in mind that you can help. Recommending great candidates, vendors or clients can pay off in meaningful ways. And, if you help someone now, that person could help you later on.

Stretching your career network into other areas of interest also enables you to gain a fresh perspective or to access the skills of someone from another industry. Regardless, the best time to network is right now, whether you are a student, a mid-career manager or a CEO. Having strong relationships in the business world can help you excel in your career, whether you are seeking a promotion, a new job, or opportunities for professional development.

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