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Motivating Individuals and Teams

Importance of motivating teams

Different things motivate different people in the workforce. Some people are motivated by money. Others are inspired by the thrill of taking risks. And some people are driven by small rewards. Though the reasons may vary, we are all motivated by something.

One key to effective management is knowing how to motivate employees. Not only that, the best managers have the skills to create happy teams, which increases productivity, among other things. Motivation leads to success in the business world, but how does one learn to manage in the professional setting?

More Than Practice

Understanding human behavior is a science, but applying that knowledge in the workplace can be a challenge. However, MBA programs contain courses in management and behavioral sciences. These courses cover topics such as talent development, methods for structuring teams, ethics and organizational change. Effective management begins with understanding how people interact in the workplace and how different people can work together to achieve organizational goals.

Once those goals are met, good managers know how to reward their teams in a way that keeps them motivated. Whether it is simple recognition, a literal pat on the back, or a tangible prize, a course in management can help students learn how to identify what drives the people around them.

More Than Managing

The best managers know when to recognize a team as a whole and when to praise an individual. They also understand that not every employee desires to be praised publicly. When learning how to be an effective manager, students will role-play to develop important interpersonal skills and learn to discern how different personality types prefer to be rewarded.

Managing people’s talents and grouping workers with complementary skills also helps with motivation. Strong managers know how to identify skill sets and personality types that will work well together to create passionate teams of people who can achieve their organization’s goals.

These skills carry over from the classroom to the boardroom. Learning how to read people and keep them motivated is at the core of effective management. Businesses need happy, driven people in order to succeed, and good managers know how to foster employee happiness in a professional setting.

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