Quick quiz! Is an MBA Online Program Right for You?

To determine whether an on-campus or an online MBA program is best suited for your academic and career needs, answer each multiple choice question below. Then use the key at the bottom to tally your points and guide your decision.

Questions 1-7: Answer A or B to indicate your preferences.



a. You prefer the routine of commuting to a specific location at a specific time. 1 Point
b. Your busy schedule requires a dynamic virtual classroom with flexible scheduling. 3 Points



a. You embrace forming connections, sharing, and collaborating through social media, discussion forums, chat rooms and other interactive online tools. 3 Points
b. You prefer to communicate in-person, with local students and professors who can assemble in one geographic location. 1 Point



a. You feel comfortable when a professor chooses one learning pace for the cohort or class. 1 Point
b. You prefer optimizing the pace to your ability and understanding of the material. 3 Points



a. You prefer a rigid class structure with professor lectures and occasional presentations of A/V or other supporting material. 1 Point
b. You believe dynamic online professor lectures, frequently interspersed with a variety of rich content and multimedia (including case study videos) would enhance your education. 3 Points



a. You want to consider universities and MBA programs across the country, and even specialized or industry-specific programs to find one that’s perfect for you. 3 Points
b. You prefer to keep your options limited and local, for easier decision-making. 1 Point


How would you rate your level of self-discipline?

a. Excellent 4 Points
b. Good 3 Points
c. Average 2 Points
d. Below Average 1 Point
e. Poor 0 Points


How would you rate your comfort level with online resources?

a. Excellent 4 Points
b. Good 3 Points
c. Average 2 Points
d. Below Average 1 Point
e. Poor 0 Points


How much time do you have each day for school (including commuting)?

a. 1-3 hours 4 Points
b. 3-5 hours 2 Points
c. 6-9 hours 0 Points


How important is the affordability criteria in choosing a program?

a. Very important 4 Points
b. Somewhat important 3 Points
c. Not very important 2 Points
d. Not important at all 0 Points

Total Points:

You are:

22 and above: A strong MBA online candidate
18 – 21 Leaning toward an MBA online
14 – 17 Leaning toward an on-campus MBA
13 and below A strong on-campus MBA candidate

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