How to Use LinkedIn for Your Job Search

Graduates of Baylor University's Hankamer School of Business benefit from an active and welcoming alumni network and a host of career and networking benefits.

The Baylor Alumni Network provides graduates opportunities to expand business networks by attending events in Austin, Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Waco and even Seattle. Baylor's Virtual Career Network and Alumni Directory are powerful virtual tools for expanding professional networks and finding alumni in specific industries, at particular organizations, or with specific skills.

Baylor MBA students and alumni can also tap LinkedIn -- the world's largest online business networking platform -- for their job search and career resources. LinkedIn provides several features that enable students and graduates to find one another. These features can benefit job hunters, professionals searching for leadership opportunities, or even people looking for specialized help or co-collaborators on a project.

Start With the LinkedIn Page for the Hankamer School of Business

The first LinkedIn destination for Baylor Business students and graduates is the Hankamer School of Business page. From here, you can access the Career Insights page, which shows (as of March 2018) that there are more than 14,000 Hankamer School of Business alumni on LinkedIn. Top-level statistics display the cities where graduates work in descending numbers of graduates per city.

The Hankamer School of Business LinkedIn page shows the most popular employers of Hankamer graduates and what these graduates do. Using the Insights page, you can also see what the graduates studied, what they are good at, and how you are connected to them on LinkedIn. You can also see who attended the school within a certain range of years, if you want to connect with alumni in your graduating cohort or any other. If you would like to locate another alumnus, you can search by title, keyword or company.

Do you want to quickly expand your LinkedIn network with other Baylor graduates who are likely to be working in your field? Underneath the data on the Insights page, you'll find alumni you share connections with. For example, if you have connected with your boss on LinkedIn and she is connected to a Hankamer School of Business graduate, you will be able to connect with that alumnus in one click. Just click "connect" and add a personal note to indicate your general reason for requesting a connection.

Looking for a New Job in a New City or With a Certain Company? Try This:

Let's suppose that you are a recent graduate looking for a sales role in Houston.

  • Using the Insights page, select "Houston" under the "Where they live" filter and "Sales" under the "What they do" filter.
  • Or, if you want to find alumni working at the Shell Oil headquarters, select "Houston" under "Where they live" and "Shell" under "Where they work." Beneath the data, you will see all of the alumni you share connections with. Now you can reach out to Baylor - Hankamer alumni who are in position to put you in touch with hiring managers, and who can vouch for the quality of your MBA training.

Looking for a Specific Role on LinkedIn? Try This:

If you are in the market for a specific role, you might also try the LinkedIn "Jobs" tab:

  • Simply type in the role or keywords, as well as your preferred location, and a list of results with the job title and the company will appear. You will notice in these listings that some of the roles show the number of Baylor Alumni who work at the organization.
  • Click that link and you will see the list of names. If any of these have a shared connection, you can click "Connect" to send a connection request with a mention of the role you are interested in pursuing. If you find contacts in this list you don't share connections with, but who appear to be hiring managers or work in a department you're interested in, you may use LinkedIn's premium "InMail" feature to send a message.
  • Once you click on the "Send InMail" link, you will have the option of a free trial of this feature (as of March 2018).

If you have a direct contact on the list of names at the company, you can request a recommendation from that person which will be sent to the hiring manager for the position. Simply click on the profile, then "Recommendations" and then "Request Recommendations." This approach gives you much greater credibility to the hiring manager than you would have without a recommending intermediary.

Few alumni networks offer as many resources for job hunting as Baylor does. LinkedIn is yet another powerful tool that can supplement your Baylor Alumni Network resources to help you advance in your career.

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