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Life Is an Important Part of Work-Life Balance

A balanced life is necessary in order to function at a high level. When we find equilibrium between our workload, our personal time with our loved ones, and our spiritual lives, we are happier and healthier, more focused and productive and a greater asset to our communities. Finding and maintaining a balanced life may not always be easy but it is possible with the proper support from family and employers. Balancing work and life continues to rank as one of the most important workplace qualities, second only to compensation, according to research from the Corporate Executive Board, a research and advisory company that works with leaders of Fortune 500 and other companies. So important is work-life balance to employees that one in five workers surveyed in a Citrix Online study said they would be willing to give up 5 percent of their salary in order to have the flexibility to work offsite one or two days a week. Helping employees achieve a reasonable balance between professional and personal responsibilities can be equally beneficial to both the organization and the employee.

Benefits of work-life balance

Innovative corporate leaders and managers who create and nurture balanced work environments are more likely to attract the best talent and can quickly see the benefits of work-life balance from their efforts. Employers who can offer work-life balance are likely to have the competitive edge. The most successful businesses realize that effectively addressing work-life balance issues with their workforce can increase morale and foster commitment, improve employee recruitment and retention by getting and keeping the right staff, lower absenteeism, reduce health costs, and raise productivity and profits. The Corporate Executive Board reports in a recent survey that people who are happy with their work-life benefits work 21 percent harder and are 33 percent likely to stay in a given organization.

Programs and benefits some employers have adopted to make their workplaces attractive, efficient and balanced include: child care and elder care programs; flexible or alternative work schedules such as flex time, telecommuting, job sharing and part-time employment; employee wellness programs; activities that include employees and their families such as sporting events, amusement parks and picnics; and leaves such as paid and unpaid maternity/paternity leaves and family care leaves. Other best practices of companies successfully helping employees juggle work and personal demands include providing clearly defined tasks, ensuring that workloads are seen as fairly distributed, offering on-the-job training, and providing adequate resources to get the job done such as technology, equipment and supplies.

Work-life balance for the MBA

Students enrolled in an online MBA program know first-hand the challenges and stress of managing work, studies and personal responsibilities. An online MBA program allows enough convenience and flexibility so students can maintain full- or part-time employment and have the time for a personal life. An MBA student can achieve a healthy work-life balance by learning to prioritize and plan school, work and extracurricular activities. To help students create a balanced life, many business schools offer tips and strategies on work-life balance via their websites, social media, blogs and forums. Some work-life balance techniques shared by online MBA students from various universities include learning to lean on family and friends for support and motivation, practicing creative scheduling for work and study, and understanding that sacrifices may be necessary but temporary. Regular exercise is another way MBA students can stay healthy, have more energy and obtain balance.

As companies continue to understand and value work-life balance for their employees, working professionals are able to live richer, more fulfilling lives. For some, that may mean the flexibility of going back to school, and online MBA programs provide even more flexibility to those working professionals.

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