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Leadership Lessons Learned from Sports

Sports clichés are tossed around corporate offices like a baseball between father and son. And for good reason — the wide world of sports offers many leadership lessons that also apply to business. There is something to be learned from a good sports adage, especially the ever popular, "There's no 'I' in team." An online Master of Business Administration (MBA) builds on these lessons, and you can use that winning knowledge at your existing job or the one you are trying to score.

Where sports and business intersect

Sports and business share many similarities. Each has coaches/leaders; a roster of players/employees; and goals to be met, whether it's a championship trophy or a great fiscal year. Here are some clichés that show how sports and business intersect and how your training in an online MBA program is applicable:

    • "Have a game plan." — In sports, they use a playbook. In the corporate world, it is called a business plan. Effective business leadership means someone, most likely a high-level manager, has developed a roadmap for employees to follow, and all paths lead to the pre-determined objective. An online MBA can be part of your playbook to achieve your desired goal — higher pay and better career opportunities.
    • "There's no 'I' in team." — In other words, "It's not about you." In some sports programs, players are encouraged to be great teammates first rather than focusing on how amazing they are as individuals. Everyone must be willing to put the team's needs before their own. In an online MBA program, you can get that kind of "team-player" training while working with classmates on various projects.
    • "A team is only as good as its leader." — This is especially true in both business and sports. Great teams often have great leaders, and some of the best ones are honest, committed, inspiring and able to delegate. Successful leaders also know how to communicate well, and coursework in an online MBA program can enhance your ability to write, listen and speak with confidence and clarity. You will study strategic communication, which can help you understand common communication barriers; design and deliver executive presentations; and prepare professional reports.
    • "Take risks; don't be afraid to fail." — Everyone wants to be on the winning team. And, really, who wants to experience the agony of defeat? But there's always a lesson in the loss; it makes you hungrier for the next win. That means you have to take risks, which is a key component in business. You will learn all about risk analysis as well as statistics, finance and economics in an online MBA program.

Other lessons

Your online MBA also includes lessons in negotiation, problem-solving and talent development, in addition to business foundations, marketing and information technology. You can earn your degree in 12-16 months, and the program is completely virtual. Log on anytime, anywhere and study after work, on your lunch break or whenever it's convenient.

An online MBA can provide valuable leadership lessons as well as other important skills and knowledge. Along with sports, an online MBA program can be one of the best ways to learn how to lead.

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