Lead With Integrity

Baylor University's Hankamer School of Business not only has a stellar reputation for its rigorous online MBA program, but it also offers students a solid foundation in ethical values.

Learning goals of the Baylor MBA include, to apply core ethical values of integrity, accountability and service in all circumstances. Baylor's MBA provides graduates with core principles that help future business leaders approach complex business situations with faith-based integrity.

Baylor's program attracted one former military veteran who had his pick of MBA programs. "The reason I chose Baylor was their faith-based statement," says Rusty Sloane, Navy and Coast Guard veteran who chose Baylor's online MBA program to begin his civilian career. "That really fits in with my lifestyle," Sloane says.

Eric Davis, another Baylor grad, also chose Baylor because of the university's strong, faith-based message. "Honestly, it was just having a good Christian backing," Davis says.

Baylor stands out in its highly reputed faith-based approach to education, and graduates leave with a solid foundation of ethical values that carry over into their business relationships.

Employers rate integrity high on their list of most desired traits in employees. Because not every employee demonstrates integrity, it is something business leaders find extremely valuable. Integrity comes with first being honest with yourself and carries over into being honest in your personal and professional relationships.

Traits of Ethical Leaders

In recent years, there has been no shortage of corporate scandals. But ethical issues don't happen in a vacuum. Most start with the leadership.

  • Ethical leaders have, at the core of their organization, a strong formal ethics or values statement. Every organization should have a foundational document that communicates the company's core beliefs and values and should be backed up with ongoing training at all levels of the organization.
    As the organization changes over time, the values statement should be revisited and revised as changes occur. Companies that maintain a strong, company-wide ethics statement show employees and the world that they are committed to doing business responsibly.
  • Ethical leaders lead by example. Approach all employees with respect, from the vice president to the janitor. Be honest in your professional relationships. Difficult news is hard to communicate, but honesty and sincerity will go a long way.
  • Ethical leaders recognize and reward examples of ethical behavior. Managers should continually talk to their employees about positive ethics in practice, as well as situations to avoid. Good leaders not only celebrate ethical choices but also reward employees who learn from mistakes.
  • Ethical leaders are transparent in their decision-making. An open-door policy shows employees that management is accessible, and everyone's opinions are valued. Transparent decision-making builds trust in an organization and promotes an atmosphere of mutual respect. Employees will also feel a shared sense of responsibility for the values of their organization.

Individuals who show integrity in the workplace practice it in all they do, and ethical leaders are valued more in today's workplace than ever before.

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