Cyber security professionals work in every industry, protecting their employers from internal and external threats, and responding when hacks inevitably occur. Without their skills, our personal and financial data would also be at risk.

Consider these frightening statistics presented by CPO Magazine:

  • Forbes projects an estimated $6 trillion in cyber security damages by 2021, more than the damages and costs of all natural disasters in a year.
  • By 2027 global spending on cyber security will reach $10 billion.
  • By 2024 cyber security will be a $300 billion industry.
  • Major companies like Yahoo!, Equifax, Marriott and Target have all been hit.
  • The use of IoT devices is increasing rapidly and it takes just five minutes to hack into one.

Given these projections, it is a relief to know that these digital security professionals are working to stay one step ahead. Cyber security positions have grown three times faster than IT positions, but the supply of educated talent is outstripped by demand. As of August 2019, the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts 32% job growth for the broad category of information security analyst — much faster than average — with $98,350 in current median pay.

Specialized MBA Prepares Leaders in Cyber Security

The Baylor Online Master of Business Administration with a Concentration in Cyber Security blends current business management topics with a cutting-edge curriculum in cyber security. The program dives into the critical topics facing organizations today and will prepare you for a variety of careers in areas such as threat analysis, cyber-defense and network security. Students learn leadership skills pertinent to cyber security in problem-solving, critical thinking, project management and interdepartmental communication.

Specialized courses include marketing and communications as well as IT management, security fundamentals and policy development. Course content is broad and deep, yet the program is accelerated and can be completed in 12 months. The online nature of the program allows students to work as they earn their degree.

Positions for Which an MBA Is Desired or Required

There are hundreds of specialized, management and executive-level titles within the cyber security field. Here are just a few of the upper-level positions in cyber security that typically require an advanced degree:

Chief information security officer. This executive position manages the operations of an IT security department. It involves planning, coordinating and directing all of the data and network security needs of an organization. The CISO is charged with building the department with qualified personnel and must be an effective interdepartmental and intra-departmental communicator, in both routine and crisis situations. Average salary: $224,857.

Security director. One of the chief leaders in an IT department, this role develops and maintains security protocols for networks and databases. The person in this position is responsible for developing rules and regulations for the staff of security engineers and analysts. The position typically reports to a chief information security officer or chief information officer. Average salary: $135,800.

Security architect. These professionals build and execute systems to prevent malware, hacks and denial of service (DOS) attacks. This person is charged with testing for vulnerabilities and periodic audits. He or she commonly works with security managers to develop security frameworks and to implement employee security protocols. The role often implements policies affecting employee practices regarding security concerns. The position differs from the auditor, who is on the team that implements the rollout of policies and procedures. The architect also commonly manages budgets and reviews expenses, and reports to the CISO or CEO. Average salary: $101,210.

Information security analyst III. These professionals execute the tasks designed by the architect. The position protects against unauthorized access, modification and destruction, and typically reports to a security manager or director. Average salary: $98,317.

The war against cybercrime is just beginning and there is no end in sight. As long as there are people eager to exploit people and organizations for personal gain, there will be a need for highly educated, bright and committed leaders to combat them.

Learn more about Baylor University’s online MBA with a Concentration in Cyber Security program.


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