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What Are the Highest-Demand Jobs for MBAs?

When thinking of a Master of Business Administration degree and compatible career paths, many people instantly think of the financial sector. After all, an MBA prepares students to think analytically about money and budgets, the fundamentals of economics, and accounting.

However, there are many other options for business-minded people after they earn their graduate degrees. In fact, the MBA degree leads to many jobs that are unrelated to Wall Street, which opens up an entirely new world of possibilities for those with MBAs.


The West Coast remains the dominant location for the world's top tech companies, and some of the biggest names in technology have been aggressively recruiting MBA grads. Companies such as Google, Amazon and Apple fill their mid- and upper-level management positions with the best and brightest students from high-quality MBA programs. The same is true for large companies such as Microsoft, IBM and Cisco.

Some of the best jobs for MBA graduates are in the tech sector, and the trend shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. MBA grads head to Silicon Valley for many reasons: the perceived youthful and high-energy environments, the flexibility, and the dynamic nature. Not to mention, it is common for younger employees with MBAs to rise through the ranks.

Data Science and Analytics

Every day, more electronic data is saved onto servers -- from shopper behavior to supply chain management data and even information in the healthcare sector. This creates many opportunities for jobs with an MBA that may not have existed a decade ago.

Large retailers need business-school graduates who understand technology and know how to interpret data in order to reach their target audiences. Hospitals need analytical thinkers who can help keep them compliant with new and changing healthcare laws. And there are many emerging and growing industries, like security, sales or marketing, that have jobs requiring MBAs.

When it comes to jobs with an MBA, careers in the financial sector are still available; however, Wall Street is no longer the sole recruiter. Retail, tech and healthcare, among other industries, are looking for MBA graduates to help propel their companies into the future.

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