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MBA Employment Statistics for Prospective Students to Consider

Deciding whether to return to school and earn a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) has many benefits. Though the time commitment of returning to school and possibly leaving the job market for two years can be daunting, the increased opportunities make it worthwhile. Luckily, it is no longer necessary to put your career on hold while pursuing an MBA.

Favorable MBA employment statistics and potential salary increases show that earning an MBA can quickly become a clear choice.

Companies Want Employees With MBAs

In 2013, the job market for MBAs greatly improved, with many jobs available in consulting, technology, luxury retail, e-commerce and the energy sector. In 2014, the upward trend continued, with employers worldwide seeking candidates with post-graduate degrees. Baylor University reported that 87 percent of MBA program graduates in the 2015 class found jobs within 90 days after graduation.

The trends seem to continue in favor of MBAs. A 2017 survey of corporate recruiters found that:

  • Eighty-six percent planned to hire MBA graduates, compared with 80 percent in 2014.
  • Of the employers who planned to hire new MBAs in 2017, 89 percent planned to increase (42 percent) or maintain (47 percent) the number of MBA hires compared with 2016.
  • A quarter of employers will pay more for graduates with specialized MBA degrees.

Earn Your MBA in Your Own Time Online

Two years in an on-campus classroom is no longer the only way to earn a post-graduate degree. With an online MBA program, students can study, attend classes, review materials and more on their own time. There are many additional benefits to taking online MBA courses. The normal classroom distractions do not exist, students can continue to work while they earn their degrees, and they can earn their degrees much quicker.

In fact, with online programs, it is possible to earn an MBA from a reputable school in as little as one year. It is also worth mentioning that an online MBA program usually costs less than an on-campus program, making it a very attractive option for many potential students.

Considering the increased job opportunities and salary, the convenience of an online program, and time commitment, potential students can see the benefits of going back to school to earn their degree online.

Learn more about the Baylor online MBA program.


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