Competitive advantage with Baylor Online MBA

The Baylor University online Master of Business Administration (MBA) program offers a direct pathway to success with a respected degree accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, a distinction held by fewer than 5 percent of business programs worldwide. Continue reading to learn more about the Hankamer School of Business program and what a Baylor online MBA can do to help you make the most of your career.

Why Online for an MBA?

The online MBA is the same quality degree program taught by the same nationally acclaimed faculty as the on-campus program, with the advantage of flexible scheduling and an accelerated time-to-completion.

Baylor online MBA graduate Kurt Fournier said online learning was an engaging experience, and he enjoyed completing his work without distractions — thanks to the asynchronous format. You can earn your degree in 12-16 months, and there are scholarships available to help fund your education.

Instant Gratification

The average age of an online MBA student at Baylor is 36

The average age of an online MBA student at Baylor is 36, according to Mary Reinhardt, Baylor Associate Director for the Online MBA Program. Most of those students are looking to get ahead in their current careers.

“We try to use learning that’s going to impact students immediately,” Reinhardt says. “I think one of our favorite instances is for students to say, ‘Hey, we talked about this last night, and I immediately used it at work’ or ‘I’m actually understanding now what they’re talking about in that finance meeting.’ That’s usually the biggest impact, an immediate result for them in their workplace.”

Another Baylor online MBA graduate, Milt Flinn, agreed that there have been several occasions when he applied freshly learned knowledge and skills to meetings and projects at his workplace.

Different Perspectives

The varied experiences among all the online MBA students also enhances the learning environment with diverse, engaging perspectives.

“Everybody is sharing exactly what’s going on right now in their companies,” Reinhardt says. “That’s where the learning takes place online versus on campus. On campus, they don’t have as much work experience. It’s not that it’s not a good program; it’s a different type of program.

“That’s what our faculty really enjoys. To have your hand in that many different industries at one time and actually know the heartbeat of what’s going on and this is what they’re facing today makes our professors better. The classroom discussions are very strong, and I think that’s where the students are learning the most, with each other.”

The classroom discussions are very strong, and I think that’s where the students are learning the most

— Mary Reinhardt, Associate Director for the Baylor Online MBA Program

What Will You Learn?

The MBA online program consists of five business foundation courses and 12 program courses. Foundation courses are required for students who do not have an undergraduate degree in business, and optional for business degreed students. Three of the program courses that offer particularly valuable insights are Managing for Higher Performance [MGT 5410], Manufacturing and Service Operations [MGT 5420] and Negotiations [MGT 5402].

For instance, Reinhardt says the Managing for Higher Performance course offers students valuable insight into the many aspects of leadership.

“We’ve seen so many people that have been — based on the skill set that they have and the knowledge of what that company does — placed into a leadership role, but managing people is not really something they’ve focused on,” she says. “So, how do we do that? So much of our success is based on employee satisfaction. So, that’s a great course that we get wonderful feedback on, just from ‘How do you handle people?’ and the complexities of all of the personalities and how to keep people motivated to move the company forward.”

Should You Earn an MBA?

Even with experience in the business world, you can stand out in the field by earning an MBA online. This advanced skill set can help you advance into upper management to lead people and projects. The average starting salary for MBA graduates is $91,940, which can immediately help maximize your return on investment.

Baylor's Hankamer School of Business is one of 17 universities in the United States with an employment rate after graduation of 95-99%.

Nationally Recognized Quality

Baylor has a solid reputation for faith-based leadership, integrity and excellence in education. In addition to the prestigious AACSB accreditation, Baylor has also earned a Tier 1 classification from U.S. News & World Report, who labeled them one of the top 10 MBA programs with the most financial value at graduation. Kiplinger also ranks Baylor as a Best Value in Private Colleges. Baylor University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Alumni Network

The Baylor Business Network is another valuable resource for MBA online graduates, providing networking opportunities with more than 25,000 alumni and recruiters throughout the United States. Local alumni networks include Dallas, Houston, Austin, Fort Worth, San Antonio and New York City. At Baylor, you’ll get the credentials, experience and connections to succeed.

Support System

Your career is important to Baylor. The university is intent on providing you with all of the resources necessary for the next step in your business leadership career, whether you are just starting out or looking to advance. Among the resources at your disposal — before and after graduation — are the “Hire A Bear” interview management system, MBA CareerLeader Software for self-assessment, the Career Shift networking search engine and conference fairs and other networking opportunities with prospective recruiters and alumni.

“Our career management staff is available to all of our online students, just like it is to our Executive MBA and to our full-time program students,” Reinhardt says. “Whether they come to campus to meet them or it’s all done over the phone or through Skype, we have two full-time staff members designated just for the MBA students and to their career goals and what they want to do.”

What Makes Baylor Unique?

Founded in 1845, Baylor is a private university that prides itself on values and providing a faith-based education. Baylor is the oldest continuously operating university in Texas, giving it a rich tradition to accompany a long-standing reputation for excellence in education. Fournier said the Baylor brand name and competitive price for the online MBA were the two primary reasons he chose the university, which offers 75 master’s programs and has students from 80 countries.

I think a lot of what sets Baylor apart is the ethical emphasis we place on our learning,”

— Mary Reinhardt, Associate Director for the Baylor Online MBA Program

“I think a lot of what sets Baylor apart is the ethical emphasis we place on our learning,” Reinhardt says. “That emphasis on that Christian faith within the workplace seems to be something we’re missing in business right now. We try to place a large emphasis on that in every course we have, so there’s an underlying message that goes out that not only are we teaching you to be a leader, but we’re teaching you to be an ethical leader and one that is making sound decisions based on what’s best for the company and their employees.”

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