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Change Your Career With an MBA

There is a fascinating paradox in the professional world today: as life expectancy increases, people are opting to retire sooner.

A tour of C-suite offices reveals that there are fewer top managers who are in their 50s. Even those who do work until they are older have many years of retirement to look forward to.

The prospect of a longer retirement makes it even more important to increase your earning potential at an earlier age. For this reason, many younger professionals find that making a career change is vital. A professional with an MBA has many more options than one who does not.

MBA Eases Career Change

There are a variety of reasons why earning an MBA expands your options when you are making a career change:

  • Eligibility for a new position at your current employer.
  • Opportunities for more senior positions with other companies.
  • Advanced market insight for entrepreneurship.

The first two options are somewhat related. An MBA degree today is almost a requirement for advancement. Perhaps the fact that many hiring managers themselves are MBAs explains their preference for candidates who also hold the degree. Today, an MBA degree is almost the first step in the screening process — it demonstrates time management, intelligence and determination.

Other Benefits of an MBA

By gaining more career options with an MBA, you can amass more high-income-earning years before you reach retirement. An MBA-fueled career change can also mean a more interesting and challenging professional life.

Further, many professionals today are opting for online MBA degrees because the flexible schedule and remote access mean that students can study when it works for them — from anywhere with an internet connection.

Whatever your motivation for making a career change, an MBA degree enhances your options and increases your probability of success.

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