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Advance Your Marketing Career with an MBA

To ramp up your professional trajectory, choose a career where employers value your educational investment. Monster named marketing one of its "best-paying MBA majors" because it offers graduates opportunities to dramatically improve compensation and gain higher levels of decision-making authority within an organization. If you are in an entry- or mid-level position, a specialized MBA offers the training, expertise and prestige you need to advance in marketing. At Baylor University, we know, because we developed the online MBA with a Concentration in Marketing program with input from leading employers in the field to help meet the growing demand.

Employers Value a Marketing-focused MBA

While a general MBA is still one of the best ways to qualify for in-demand positions, a concentrated program is a smart move for those who want to build their careers in marketing. Employers increasingly seek MBA graduates with specialized training, including expertise in digital marketing. This encompasses everything from search engine optimization and website design to content and social media marketing. As the industry has become enriched with new possibilities, deeper levels of expertise are required in these areas for both specialist and leadership positions.

Aspiring marketing managers and executives require the opportunity to grow in-demand leadership acumen across traditional business school disciplines, from finance to strategic management. An MBA program that blends foundation, core and marketing concentration courses cultivates the abilities to strategize and identify trends. This development opportunity is not typically afforded to entry- or mid-level workers within marketing organizations.

The Online MBA with a Concentration in Marketing program from Baylor University explores the leading theories, models and marketing tools so you make better branding decisions and learn how to plan and evaluate branding strategies. Students learn specific management, analytical and communication skills and gain practical experience in decision-making. They acquire the expertise found at the top levels of organizations in strategic brand management, communicating with data, and negotiating with potential business partners and investors. These skills are required in organizations in every industry and every size.

Marketing Professionals Value Balancing Careers with Academics

Just a few years ago, marketing professionals interested in advancing their career through business school had to sacrifice to do so. They stepped away from their jobs and lost income. They moved their families to be near a campus, and then they needed four years to graduate.

Today, if you meet the academic qualifications of the AACSB-accredited Hankamer School of Business, you can enroll in an online, accelerated MBA program and earn your degree without leaving your job, not having to make difficult personal and family choices.

Rewarding Opportunities Await, Out of the Gate

Baylor marketing MBA graduates typically see an immediate return on investment, going from entry level to management, or from mid-level management to executive. Some traverse industries and others become entrepreneur. Here are a few opportunities upon graduation, with data provided by as of October 2019:

Marketing Manager, $102,700

Develops and implements marketing plans and manages marketing programs to meet business objectives.

International Marketing Manager, $117,988

Develops and implements strategic international marketing plans; researches and develops pricing policies; recommends appropriate sales channels.

Product/Brand Manager, $108,716

Rated in U.S. News & World Report's "Top 5 Hot Jobs for MBA Graduates," this position studies brand performance and marketplace trends while coordinating efforts among finance, development and marketing to produce and sell new products and services. Opportunities are especially significant in the technology sector.

Ecommerce Marketing Director, $161,038

Directs and oversees an organization's ecommerce marketing policies, objectives and initiatives and manages the corporate website. 

Top Marketing Executive, $236,850

Manages and directs marketing objectives, policies and programs for all products and services for the organization.

If you believe in your talent and your drive, and you have a passion for marketing, make the most of your career by earning a specialized MBA online.

Learn more about Baylor University's online MBA with a Concentration in Marketing program.


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