The benefits of earning an MBA are well known: MBA graduates are more likely to be hired over individuals who have only a bachelor’s degree. Graduates from an MBA program are also more likely to have additional responsibilities in the workplace. At top-level firms, an advanced degree may be required. Even if not required, having an MBA can open up managerial and executive opportunities as well as provide the opportunity to run larger teams, oversee major projects and represent their organization at community and industry events.

Different types of MBA programs cater to professionals at various stages of their career. Executive, full-time and online MBA programs are viable options to obtain the appropriate credentials for career advancement.

1. Online MBA option

Online MBA programs work well for professionals who have family obligations and personal commitments. The flexibility that online classes offer allows many individuals to get an advanced degree when it otherwise would not be feasible. Online degrees can be completed faster than a traditional program, often in as little as 12 months.

2. Traditional programs

Full-time MBA programs are completed in 16 to 21 months. Benefits of full-time enrollment sometimes include the opportunity to study abroad or engage in experiential learning, such as analyzing the real-life issues of a major corporation as part of the course work.

3. Executive MBA

An Executive MBA (EMBA) program is targeted toward mid-career professionals who are looking for career advancement. Classes for EMBA programs may take place on alternating weekends to accommodate work schedules. Part of the EMBA curriculum also includes the opportunity to take domestic and international trips to network and learn about public policy and business strategy.

Choosing the right type of MBA program is a good first step toward advancing your career into a senior-level position. Choosing the proper path to complete an MBA program requires some inventory on what is the best fit for the student. The availability of online, traditional or weekend classes, means pursuing an MBA can be a reality for anyone. In today’s highly competitive job market, an MBA is essential to stay ahead of the competition and guarantee personal success and growth.

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