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3 New MBA Concentrations Online at Baylor

Baylor University, in conjunction with major leading employers, has developed new Master of Business Administration programs with specialized concentrations in marketing, cyber security and executive communication. Each offers precise training to match employer needs in high-demand, high-growth fields. The curricula keep pace with the accelerating changes within each industry, enabling students to hit the ground running after graduation.

Each program is accredited by the AACSB, which provides quality assurance, business education intelligence and professional development services to over 1,700 member organizations and more than 800 accredited business schools worldwide. Synonymous with the highest standards in business education, AACSB-accredited schools produced an astounding 96% of chief executives on the 2016 Financial Times "From MBA to CEO" list.

Online MBA – Marketing Concentration: The curriculum in this program includes extensive up-to-the-minute training in advertising, branding, communications, consumer behavior concepts and best practices. Students explore the leading theories, models and marketing tools to make better branding decisions. They learn integrated marketing communications and how to effectively use mass, digital and personal communication channels. Marketing director, brand manager, product manager, digital marketing manager, senior marketing analyst and market research analyst are just a few of the positions open to graduates of this program.

Online MBA – Cyber Security Concentration: This program addresses the risks and threats to businesses in almost every industry. The curriculum combines current business management tools with cutting-edge cyber security safeguards. Students develop in-demand skills in interdepartmental communication and leadership, project management, critical thinking, and project management. Graduates are prepared for diverse leadership roles, including project manager, security director, IT director, senior information security analyst, cyber security consultant and chief information officer.

Online MBA – Executive Communication Concentration: This program builds a foundation for career-long leadership success. Students acquire expertise and confidence in verbal and nonverbal forms of communication with groups inside and outside of their organizations. The curriculum emphasizes application of theory through a variety of skill-building exercises. Graduates bring robust communication, presentation, interpersonal and negotiation skills to the market. These skills, in turn, open the door to positions including division director, team leader, consultant, entrepreneur, senior management and communications operations manager.

Each concentration is an accelerated MBA online program that includes the core business foundation courses of finance, economics and accounting. These 48-credit-hour programs can be completed in 12 months, and tuition is just $51,264. Graduates benefit from the prestige and networking resources of the Hankamer School of Business — respected by domestic and international employers.

Here are just three of the many reasons specialized MBA programs are ideal for business professionals:

  1. Students receive focused training by qualified and experienced professors in one field, and the curriculum is targeted to the high-demand positions that each industry requires, making specialized programs a necessity for professionals and employers alike.
  2. For professionals who have a clear understanding of their career trajectory and ambitions, concentrated programs offer a head start and a guided path to sought-after leadership positions.
  3. Specialized MBA programs are typically accelerated and designed for working professionals, so there is only minimal disruption to their careers. The online option provides further flexibility, allowing professionals to balance academic and career obligations.

If you wish to become a leader in one of these fields, these specialized programs provide the training and resources you need for career-long success.

Learn more about Baylor University's online MBA programs.


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